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Moderneon provide LED Lighting, Neon Signs, Cold Cathode Lighting, and Architectural Lighting. Our custom made Neon Signs, LED Lighting and Cold Cathode lamps are made from a wide range of Tri-phosphors colour coatings and provide a lifespan in excess of 50,000 hours. Our products also run in low voltage conditions providing an energy saving alternative to traditional lighting methods.

Moderneon London Ltd was first established in the 1950's with our first place of residence in central London WC1. The company was later known as Moderneon & Perspex Signs, the company became renowned for its design style and sophisticated manufacturing techniques.

Cold Cathode Lighting
Cold Cathode is an element used withing some gas discharge lamps and vacum tubes, the term cold cathode refers to the fact that the Cold Cathode is not independently heated. In spite of this the cathodes itself may still operate at temperatures as high as if the cathode were heated. Cold Cathode fluorescent lamps ( CCFLs) are useally also called cathodes.

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LED Lighting
Glass Works
Cold Cathode
Generally used externally as up lighting patios and landscapes, however we have brought this product to an other dimension, with 70,000 hours maintenance free and up to 90% energy saving of conventional lighting READ MORE
Our glass works, as seen on television, are all custom made and hand crafted to produce intricately shaped, tapered internal lighting of the highest of standards. READ MORE
Cold cathode is an element used within some gas discharge lamps and vacuum tubes The term cold cathode refers to the fact that the cathode is not independently heated. In spite of this, the cathode itself may still operate at temperatures... READ MORE
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