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LED Lighting

Track Lighting Systems, state of the art LED high power 15watt and 12watt twin spots, energy saving of up to 70% and 60,000 hours life span, led tracks now can be used domestically, and commercially, most favoured in the office, restaurants, hotels, exhibition halls, Practically in any internal environment.

Product Specifications
LED Lighting | 1LED Lighting | 2LED Lighting | 3LED Lighting | 6LED Lighting | 5LED Lighting | 6
LED Lighting | 7
LED Lighting | 8LED Lighting | 9LED Lighting | 10LED Lighting | 11LED Lighting | 12
LED Lighting | 13LED Lighting | 14LED Lighting | 15LED Lighting | 16LED Lighting | 17LED Lighting | 18
LED Lighting | 19

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Track Lighting Systems
LED Track Lighting Systems | 1LED Track Lighting Systems | 2LED Track Lighting Systems | 3LED Track Lighting Systems | 4LED Track Lighting Systems | 5LED Track Lighting Systems | 6
LED Track Lighting Systems | 7
LED Track Lighting Systems | 8LED Track Lighting Systems | 9

18watt LED Track Lighting Systems, 50,000 hours life span and 90% energy saving.

High Power LED Floods
High Power LED Floods | 1High Power LED Floods | 2High Power LED Floods | 3

20watts to 120watts compares to standard 500watt 240volt flood, up to 80% energy saving. Life span up to 50,000 hours.

Ceiling cove lighting | 1Ceiling cove lighting | 2


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